Featured Weekly Programming

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Featured Artist Spotlight  Sunday nights at 6pm.

Each Sunday night we will feature a different artist for one hour

Upcoming Weeks

2 hour program airs three times per week. Great music and artist interviews.

Fridays starts at 6 pm.

Saturdays starts at 12 noon

Sundays starts at 4 pm.

Saturday Nights at the "70's.

6 hours of commercial free hits from the '70's.  Starts at 6 pm.

Smooth Jazz  Sunday Mornings at 10am.

Two hours of smooth jazz to enjoy with family and friends.

Mystery Theater. Old Time Radio Shows

Sundays at 7pm.

Each Sunday night we will offer a different radio drama from the past. Take a step back in time and enjoy radio the way our parents and grandparents did.  Replayed just the way they were originally broadcast. Commercials, news and all.

Romantic Rondevous- Sunday thru Friday nights 10 PM to Midnight

Grab your partner and relax to some beautiful music. 2 hours of romantic music to put you in the mood.

Music for Deep Sleep

Having trouble falling to sleep? Try our overnight stream of relaxing music to help you fall asleep. Starts at Midnight 7 days a week.


Two for Tuesday

Tuesdays from noon till 5 pm we will feature two songs in a row from your favorite artists.

Every Tuesday night at 6pm we present 4 hours of music from the '60's.

Your Morning Workout

2 hours of great workout music. Take us with you to your gym or on your morning jog. Stream us on your Alexa Device.

Starts at 6 am  Monday thru Saturday.

All Female Artists

2 hours of all female artists. Sundays starting at 8 am 

Motown Mondays
2 hours of Motown hits starting Monday mornings at 10 am.
1 hour of One Hit Wonders 
Wednesdays at Noon.

World and National news at 40 minutes after each hour.**

**Except during special programs.

 All times listed are Central Daylight Time.